Longmeadow Capital Partners is a “value-added” private equity firm focused on growing small businesses.
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We provide more than capital.

All private equity firms are investors; not many define themselves as partners.  Longmeadow Capital Partners shares the vision of its operating partners and usually works with the company for three to seven years to achieve long-term success. We see ourselves as capital partners, not just investors. We demonstrate our support by:

     • the active involvement of our principals
     • the valuable contributions of our network of successful CEOs,
        entrepreneurs and business owners.
     • providing assistance in setting company strategy and direction,
        drawing on our prior experiences and industry knowledge
     • we help identify critical business issues and solutions

We focus on fundamental strategies to create value.
Our prior experience and success has created value through several core strategies:

     • a business model change that maximizes revenues and profits
     • aggressive growth strategies that may include organic or
        acquisition programs to successfully scale the business
     • “mild” turnarounds that have a limited set of issues such as, a
        destructive capital structure, temporary market dislocations or a
        single operational challenge.

We partner with experienced and talented management.
We will invest in a wide variety of industries, provided we have an operating partner with extensive knowledge of the business and industry. 
We also believe that the interests of our operating partners and outside advisors should be aligned with ours. This is accomplished by providing our operating partners with the proper equity incentives and, preferably, having them make or maintain a significant investment in the business.

We are a strong investor presence.
We seek to be actively involved as a partner in the businesses in which we invest, yet respect the separation of day-to-day operating management. Because of our commitment and involvement with our companies, we seek to limit our involvement with only one to two investments per year. Although we do not require control of the companies in which we invest, we do require minority protections and an active voice in corporate governance.

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