Poland Communications, Inc.

Longmeadow Capital purchased a 10% interest in Poland Communications, Inc. in 1994 and led a restructuring of Polska Telewizja Kablowa (PTK), a pioneering cable television firm in Poland. Once its profitability was restored, the Company embarked on an aggressive build out and acquisition program to become Poland’s dominant cable television company with over 1,000,000 subscribers. To support this growth, Longmeadow Capital led a $65 million venture capital round and a $130 million U.S. public high-yield bond offering, the first for a Polish firm. In 1997, the company was listed on the NASDAQ exchange, and in 1998 was sold to United Pan-European Communications (UPC). Longmeadow Capital realized a return of over 40 times its initial investment. More information about PTK can be found at www.ptk.com.pl.                                  Next

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