Longmeadow Capital seeks unique opportunities to create value, for both our operating partners and investors.
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Companies we invest in typically meet the following criteria:

     • Proven management, with capital invested in the business.
     • Operating profitability, with a clear competitive advantage, unique
        skill, or franchise.
     • Revenue between $2 million and $20 million, preferably located in New

Transactions supported include:

Growth financing
We provide capital to support acquisitions and organic growth, together with the experience and strategic guidance to overcome the challenges of rapid growth.

Management buy-outs
We partner with existing, talented management teams to sponsor buyouts, raising all required financing, structuring the deal and providing strategic discipline after closing.

Sale or divestitures
We sponsor purchases of businesses, including negotiation of the transaction, recruiting additional management where required and providing strategic discipline after closing.

Ownership transitions
We provide capital for company ownership transitions to active management shareholders and liquidity to current ownership, with the financial and strategic discipline that a financial investor provides.

“Mild” turnarounds
We provide capital and guidance to execute effective turnarounds in situations that have a limited set of issues such as a destructive capital structure, temporary market dislocations or a single operational challenge.

Typical Investment Characteristics:

     • Initial investment between $500,000 to $2,500,000. Together with
        our investors and substantial network of co-investors, we can
        provide significantly larger amounts of risk capital.
     • Preferred stock, subordinated debt with equity features.
     • Strong investor presence, although outright control not required.
     • Three to seven year time horizon.
     • Flexibility. As a non-regulated investment company we can tailor a
        structure, time horizon and material terms to meet your needs.

Longmeadow Capital works closely with outside professionals including attorneys, accountants, bankers, brokers and investment bankers, and when appropriate, will pay referral fees.

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